Two Months of Blogging

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There used to be an idea that to understand something you had to try and do it. I think this is true: it’s impossible to understand the beauty of a pencil sketch hanging in the Met unless you’ve taken pencil in hand and tried to sketch something yourself. What I have usually learned from this type of activity is that doing something that looks easy well is often incredibly difficult.

I’ve been blogging for two months today. My initial fears–that I wouldn’t have enough to write about–have faded. In fact, I’m no longer quite sure how I could possibly have thought that. My problem, I think, is quite the opposite: I write too much.

Yesterday, Henrik Torstensson saw one of my posts and blogged about it (why, I don’t know, it was one of worst posts I think.) His comment was short; he simply said what needed to be said and that was it. I guess that’s why he’s Sweden’s top blogger. He’s my new role model.

So, here are my goals for the next two months:

  1. Pithier;
  2. More graphs, fewer numbers;
  3. More conversation, less oratory;
  4. Pithier.

Anything I’m missing?