"I Would Give It Eleventy-Million Stars If I Could, And So Would You"

Okay, I’m sure everyone has already seen this, but it made me laugh out loud sitting here alone in the kitchen.

The scathingly funny Amazon reviews for the Denon AKDL1 Link Cable, a $500 ethernet cable “made of high-purity copper wire” to “get the purest signal from multi-channel DVD and CD playback.” Yes, a $500 ethernet cable so that your digital music will sound better.

Via BoingBoing gadgets.

(If you’re a marketing person or just a normal friend of mine… Ethernet protocol involves lots of making-sure-the-digits-are-right stuff. Unless you’ve crafted your ethernet cable out of coat-hangers, your music is not going to sound any different on the $2 cable you took home from the office than on this $500 cable.)