Pinch and Flurry Merging

Pinch Media and Flurry, the two best providers of analysis services to mobile phone app developers, are merging. This is a huge step in enabling the better monetization of these apps, and I think Pinch/Flurry will be a key enabler in the growth of this market.

A year and a half ago I sat on the floor in the back of the TWC Borders* with Greg, talking about the mundane details of getting a company started. It’s awesome to think how far Greg and Jesse have taken Pinch from there, and how bright the future looks with them teamed up with Simon and the Flurry team.

Maybe it’s just me but–even in our more democratized era–the celebrity status of successful companies and their CEOs causes some cognitive dissonance when I’m sitting on the floor of a Borders in t-shirts and sneakers talking to an entrepreneur about building a great company. It’s worth remembering that most great companies started similarly.

Congrats on a big step, Greg, Jesse, Simon and the rest of the Pinch/Flurry team.

* In NY we don’t start companies in garages. The attendants frown on it.


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