VCdelta now part of Mattermark

I built the @VCdelta twitterbot five years ago to solve a problem. I needed to keep on top of the companies the firms I respected most were investing in. The obvious way to do that was to keep track of the firms’ portfolio pages. I found it really useful. Other people found it useful too, and it quickly gained several thousand followers. That’s pretty good for such a specialized dataflow.

But over the past couple of years I found that I couldn’t keep up with all of the interesting new venture firms. Five years ago I felt that keeping track of the top 200 firms meant I would see all the interesting deals being done. That’s no longer true. While adding new firms is pretty easy, it still takes time. I have a day job (or two) so I started looking for someone who would take good care of a promising little bot.

I’m happy to say that Mattermark has stepped up. In addition to having great products and an awesome management team, I feel like Mattermark is the one company in the startup data space that is community-oriented by nature1. I know they’re taking a look at how to integrate VCdelta into their services and I look forward to seeing what they do with it. In the meantime, you should go sign up for Mattermark here.

  1. I guess I need to caveat that I am now a shareholder in Mattermark, so not entirely objective, but I had several offers to take over the bot and chose Mattermark for that reason.