Venture Capital Family Tree

About six months ago my friend Chris Fralic (@ChrisFRC) invited me to a screening of Something Ventured, a film about the origins of the US venture capital industry. Definitely worth checking out. One of the things it got me to thinking about was how intertwined the early VC firms were. So, in the spirit of […]

VC/Company Investment Visualizer

A friend asked me last week if I knew a tool to help him visualize which VCs were investing in a sector. I did not. But I realized I could pretty quickly repurpose the VC Bar Chart code and some unpublished code that pulls in data from a Google spreadsheet to show a force-directed graph. […]


I’ve always been the type who, when confronted with a one-hour task, will instead take two hours to automate it. Here’s an example. VCdelta is my bot that tracks additions to VC portfolio pages. It has its own twitter feed. Its twitter feed is about to surpass my twitter feed in number of followers. It […]