How I Wrote VCBar

All the people ask meHow I wrote elastic man.                     – The Fall My friend Chris Wiggins asked me to post the code for the VC bar chart generator I blogged earlier this week. It’s here. It’s an interesting project if only because it’s run entirely on […]

Pace of VC investing by subsector

I couldn’t sleep last night so I figured I’d see if I could confirm a nagging suspicion about the early-stage VCs I know. About six months ago it seemed like they were slowing down their pace of investing while the corporates and newer super-angels were doing a lot more deals. If this were true it […]

@VCdelta released. Whoops.

Josh Kopelman tweeted about my weekend project today, which is still in alpha (at best.) Until yesterday, the only follower was Dave McClure. But he follows so many accounts that I figured he just auto-followed anyone who tweeted ‘500 Startups.’ I was going to wait until I got back from next week’s vacation before mentioning […]

Coinvestor Graph Code

I’ve had a bunch of people asking for the data behind the coinvestor network map and a few asking for the code.  It’s actually pretty easy to generate the basic graph from the Crunchbase API.  The hard part was cleaning the Crunchbase data, augmenting it with some other data sources and then making sense of […]

More VC Coinvestment Visualizations

I’ve always believed that unless you try your hand at something, you can’t really appreciate the people who do it well.  That was my motivation in creating the VC Coinvestment Network Map I posted two weeks ago.  And believe me, after munging that together I did appreciate the complexity of the process and the expertise […]

Venture Coinvestment Map

It was a grand plan. I was going to learn all sorts of new things: Pentaho, R, Processing. All sorts of new things. In the end, I got caught up in getting something done and learned none of those things. Again. Using trusty old Python with the beautiful NetworkX module and the shockingly fast–if a […]