The 44 VCs With the Most AdTech Investments

The venture capitalists with the most un-exited AdTech companies. [Edit: After the initial post of this, several people sent me some more companies to add. A couple of these companies I don’t consider ‘adtech’–as noted, there’s not a bright line, but I haven’t counted search, marketing tech, or marketing info companies–some just don’t have investors […]

Adtech Investing Activity

My friend Jonathan Mendez of Yieldbot asked me a question about the pace of adtech investing so I pulled together some numbers. I also posted some of them in response to a question on Quibb, so I figured I might as well throw the numbers into Datahero and explore. I used my own list of […]

Art for Computers

I was reading with interest the New York Times piece on The School for Poetic Computation (via an @aweissman tweet). The idea of the school is worth thinking about: the idea that art, culture, and work subvert each other. That they play off each other. That, indeed, using the tools of progress for play instead […]

The Seed Round is Dead

[Edit: Wow, I totally missed this piece by Jeff Jordan a couple of weeks ago–The Series A Round is the New Series B Round. Different responses to the same underlying phenomenon, but since the title is echoed here–both being cliche references to the “new black” thing–I want to point to it.] This morning I talked […]

Letter to my Senator re US Government domestic spying

I was saddened to find out the US government is spying on all of us, all the time. I guess some cynical part of me always believed that, but actual confirmation of it still felt like a kick in the teeth. I just sent my Senator this email. You can find out how to contact […]

Midas List Feeder Firms

The Forbes Midas list just came out today. But it doesn’t answer the question I know you have: who do you know that can get Jim Breyer to take a look at your go-go somoloco robofoto co? We at Neu VC decided to help you out. We scoured the Crunchbases to find out which investors […]

You Can’t Learn from Failure, You Can Only Learn from Success

I feel strongly about not criticizing entrepreneurs. It’s hard enough to start a company without the peanut gallery razzing you. And really, what good are you doing by being critical? Companies that are going to fail are going to fail without you wishing it on them, while your criticism might hurt companies that are on […]

Making Everyone a Data Scientist

You probably won’t believe this. There was a time when putting up a decent web page was considered a highly technical skill. In the period 1996-2000 most companies, even most big companies, had homepage designs that were raw HTML: static, poor design, broken links, nowhere to go and nothing to do. People had a name […]

Andy Weissman on entrepreneurship, product development and the future of the Internet

Andy Weissman is a partner at Union Square Ventures and one of my favorite people in the startup world. He was a co-founder of Betaworks and was previously at Dawntreader and AOL. His easygoingness belies the fact that he’s one of the most thoughtful investors in the business.  Andy came up to talk to my […]

A Tool for Open VC Data

A week ago I posted an idea for VCs to share their investments in machine readable form from their own websites. This is the simplest possible way to open up that data without relying on an intermediary that might either become a middleman or a bottleneck. The first pushback on the idea was that VCs […]