Expressly. You Keep Using That Word. I Don’t Think It Means What You Think It Means.

I’ve been way too busy to post lately. Sorry. But yesterday an email from Forbes landed in my inbox and I had to share. It starts:

Forbes is committed to protecting the privacy of its readers… However, Forbes does make available its list of readers who have expressly provided us with their permission to receive information…

I almost stopped reading there. It was an invitation to opt-in, to “expressly provide permission.” I wasn’t interested, so no need to do anything. But I kept reading anyway, to this:

If you would like to receive information and special offers from us and our business partners, you do not have to respond to this email. However, if you would not like to receive these messages, please use this link.

Wait, what? It’s opt-out? So, by not opting-out I’ve expressly provided permission?

I guess it’s naive of me to expect more from a place like Forbes.