We looked at the man behind the curtain. Then we got bored and looked at something else.

I am either proud or dismayed to report that Reaction Wheel is the top organic result on Google for searches like “Is Advertising Good or Bad?”

For your amusement, traffic from these searches over the past year.

Concern over whether advertising is good or bad peaked in November and has declined since (February is, so far, looking like January.)


  1. I, on the other hand, got here by searching for information about reaction wheels for a robot I am building. I wonder, how did a marketing blog come to have such an esoteric technical name?

  2. Good question. I forget.

    One rule of naming I first heard from the people over at brand-naming king Interbrand was to never name something after what it is. That would then limit you to what you had originally thought you wanted to do. This International Business Machines being rebranded as IBM (business? machines? how limiting.) Etc.

    I get a good amount of traffic from people searching for reaction wheels. Who knew so many people needed reaction wheels?

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