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Coinvestor Graph Code

I’ve had a bunch of people asking for the data behind the coinvestor network map and a few asking for the code.  It’s actually pretty easy to generate the basic graph from the Crunchbase API.  The hard part was cleaning the Crunchbase data, augmenting it with some other data sources and then making sense of the resulting graph.

But even so, the skeleton code is below. It will get you started. Then take a look at the raw output of Crunchbase’s API. Play a bit with NetworkX and note that you can tag any node or any edge with whatever data you want. Then go create your own! If you find anything interesting, let me know.

# Crunchbase to NetworkX network builder
# Builds a network from the Crunchbase database and outputs it in graphml format.
# Required modules:
#    simplejson (
#    networkx (

import urllib2, simplejson as json, networkx as nx

def getCBinfo(namespace, permalink):
    api_url = "" % (namespace, permalink)
    return json.loads(urllib2.urlopen(api_url).read())

def add_clique(G,investors):
    # Take a set of investors and add them to the graph, along with edges
    # between them all. Where an edge already exists, increment its weight.
    l_inv = len(investors)
    if l_inv > 1:
        # add nodes
        for inv, typ in investors:
            G.add_node(inv, inv_type = typ)
        # add edges
        for i in range(0,l_inv-1):
            for j in range(i+1,l_inv):
                if G.edge[investors[i][0]].has_key(investors[j][0]):
                    G.edge[investors[i][0]][investors[j][0]]['weight'] += 1
    return G

# Main.
# Get the list of companies Crunchbase has data on
company_names = json.loads(urllib2.urlopen("").read())

# initialize Graph
G = nx.Graph()

# Iterate through companies, getting CB data on each
for company in company_names:
        co_info = getCBinfo('company', company['permalink'])

    # For each company make a set of all investors
    investors = set()
    if co_info.has_key('funding_rounds') and co_info['funding_rounds']:
        for iround in co_info['funding_rounds']:           
            for investment in iround['investments']:
                for i_type in ['financial_org','person','company']:
                    if investment[i_type]:

    # Add investors and edges between them to the graph
    G = add_clique(G,list(investors))

# Write the network to a graphml file /projects/cb_graph.graphml
# NetworkX supports many other formats as well, check the docs.