I invest in early stage companies through Neu Venture Capital, primarily SaaS (Datadog, The Trade Desk, StrongDM), Fintech (BankSimple, Sila), data-driven insights (Premise, Unsupervised, Scite), and some more speculative tech (Bonsai, Voyant).

I teach entrepreneurship at Columbia University’s engineering school. I was a co-founder of venture-backed startup Root Markets, ran Omnicom Group’s venture capital division in the 1990s, and was once, long ago, a hardware design engineer on IBM’s S/390 series of mainframes where I designed a very small part of the central processor’s microcode execution engine, which is like a computer in the computer in the computer.

When reading, keep in mind that I have so many conflicts of interest that I have conflicts in places where other people don’t even have interests.