Old Style vs. New Style VC

Wrote a comment over on David Lerner’s blog on his “Are Super-Angels Extinct” post. He said What I am saying is that some of these superangel funds may structurally resemble traditional VC funds, but they are something altogether different- and more akin to an angel group. My comment was that structure matters.  If you set […]

Co-evolution and other housekeeping

A couple of weeks ago I wrote something for AdExchanger’s ‘Predictions for 2011‘ series. It needed to be brief, and I wanted to talk about what entrepreneurs will be beta testing two years from now.  I made a couple of observations that are pretty obviously true and then ventured this prediction: Towards the end of […]

More VC Coinvestment Visualizations

I’ve always believed that unless you try your hand at something, you can’t really appreciate the people who do it well.  That was my motivation in creating the VC Coinvestment Network Map I posted two weeks ago.  And believe me, after munging that together I did appreciate the complexity of the process and the expertise […]

Venture Coinvestment Map

It was a grand plan. I was going to learn all sorts of new things: Pentaho, R, Processing. All sorts of new things. In the end, I got caught up in getting something done and learned none of those things. Again. Using trusty old Python with the beautiful NetworkX module and the shockingly fast–if a […]


I think Chris Dixon is one of the smartest investors around.  I co-invested in him when he was an angel and I’ve co-invested with his early stage fund, Founder’s Collective.  But while I generally agree with his recent post on venture investing segmentation, I need to call bull on this: What we are witnessing now […]

It’s not about the founders, it’s not about the money. It’s about what you’re building.

I spent my Summer thinking about how I could continue to be useful as an angel investor.  Then this Angelgate thing happened and I can’t seem to write the post I meant to write about it.  So I’m writing this instead, hoping to get some thoughts out of my head and move on.  I don’t […]

Startup R&D has replaced corporate R&D

I have a problem with Yves Smith’s and Rob Parenteau’s op-ed in the Times: Over the past decade and a half, corporations have been saving more and investing less in their own businesses… Since 2002, American corporations on average ran a net financial surplus of 1.7 percent of the gross domestic product—a drastic change from […]